Sunday, May 14, 2006


Just Games

This is just a place to post game info. Like if you have some tips and tricks about games that others dont know about. At this blog is basically a game forum. If you have any cool secrets or glitches feal free to let everyone know. From time to time I will have ask questions. And anyone feal free to answer. I dont care what games we talk about. I am open for discussion from Mario 8-bit to Oblivion on the 360. So talk it UP!!!

**oh yea. and to view these images a lot better just click on them.

(Return to Castle of my all time favorites)

**So while you are looking around maybe send me some of your screen shots. Like if your a huge WOW fan. I love receiveing cool WOW screenshots.

(picture of my old mage. When i played back in the old days.)

(And this is picture my friends Paladin about a year ago...haha)

Some Fun Links for when you are bored:

World of WarCraft Links:

Dont forget to send me screenshots of your latest gameing action!!!
Because I will post them on my site. thank you

More Cool WoW Screenshots:

alan is a jew**